It is 1Password asking me whether I want to save the password.

Firefox. In OSX.1 And I think I may have mentioned it before.

  1. I ask you to consider making allowances for my clumsy typing.

Oooh. That does look useful, especially to a complete noob like me.


Also, I have to dismiss a request to save this login twice for every post. I mean, I don't mind, and I have no idea what actually triggers this, but it is just another quirk.

The only other site that does this is my bank. is, er, nice, but I find so many quirks. If I open in a browser on OPX, my stream seems stuck at the point where I last closed the tab. Reloading, clear cache and reload, nothing kicks it to now. But if I shift to Global and then back to Home, everything works.

you are not alone.

Don’t ask me. I have seen that, or something very like it, before. But then it went away.

No problem.



Glad you kept nice social. I couldn’t figure out how to log on to