Despite everything, I hope you are not sincere when you say either that you know where you'll be in the afterlife or that you are evil.

Heading out for a walk.

I can probably wrangle that. It would be fun to have a reason to play with the API. I know how you feel about APIs that make sense and are usable, so that would suit me with my training wheels still on.


Thanks. I see you're still rocking the black tie.

I'm not seeing how to restrict the types of post, but more to the point, I didn't explain myself properly. What I would like to get is a feed of all the posts I can read when I am logged in, so I can read and respond in a reader rather than here.


I've looked at those, but I need(ed) to be able to mix. And an outboard mixer is also great for driving my active speakers.

Nice to be back.


Remind me, or ask another bot to do so, but can I get a feed of my stream. RSS, Atom, h-feed. Anything?

Is that right? Time flies when you're having fun.

Which one did you get? I had to replace my mixer a few months back and accidentally (penny pinching) got one that does not have line out, so now all my recording, including VOIP interviews, is done in software.


I just bought Take Control of Shortcuts today because it is on a discount all week, even though editing on a phone is a pain. The couple of things I have built myself are very handy.