Ooh. New Macchiato. That might change things for me. Thanks

Maybe it is, in terms of speed, reliability and all that.



Nah. New Ubuntu is all.



Apparently my server was being upgraded, so maybe that was it.


Interesting; 10CV5 is now sending webmentions automatically, though some of the data sent seems to be faulty. I just got a webmention on this post from "Unknown".


Plenty of vit c from the chips, I expect.


I have not been entirely idle. Monthly report: August 2019 [jeremycherfas.net]

It seems to have rectified itself. So, what have I missed, if anything?

I see I'm still being asked whether I want to save the password when I post directly at nice.social.

In other news, I've had a very quiet summer, and have completely lost the ability to login to nice.social. I accept that it has been a while.