Something else … that you’re also not interested in doing?

but my iMac is EoL so I’ll never see the new, split up version.

I know. What’s a person to do? There certainly is no single alternative. I tried Tangerine for music once and couldn’t get rid of it quickly enough.

It thinks it is a Swiss Army knife when in reality it is a messed up cutlery drawer. Doesn’t do anything really well, but tries to do everything.

Is there a worse beast in the Apple ecosystem than iTunes? Asking for a friend.

I’ve never quite seen the point as I never print or got to pdf directly from Marked2. So there are just three I regularly use for different purposes.

Very flexible.

Top bound? For some reason I prefer side bound.

My fault?

Graph was not available from Cult Pens. I also like dot grid paper, like in my Bullet Journal.