I’m ok with my password manager, but if I am honest, how many need to be super secure? Only the ones that would affect me financially, and I could probably memorise those 3 or 4 if I had to. Or put them in a single encrypted file, just in case.

Indeed, and if you had ever tried Sony’s benighted wireless garbage you would no why. But this is actually the Main Squeeze’s new iMac. I still have my slot on the side.


The only recent design changes I’ve noticed is putting the SD card reader on the back, and it drives me nuts.


Not necessarily

Ah right. Thanks for the legwork.

Is that original to the professor?

For what it is worth, I hated Uncut Gems. Fine acting, no doubt, but a horrible, shouty movie in which I simply didn’t care what happened to him.

Well, I downloaded again and reinstalled and it works, but it is still the same as it ever was.

Never too young.