And it probably took you far longer than you expected.


We’re you all 2 m apart?

That would be nice.

Not a problem.

Bunch of old podcasts from in the old feed this morning.

And it talks to the iPhone, you say? When I looked at Amazfit they didn’t seem to have any iPhone integration.


The simple answer is that they are a rounding error in the greater scheme of things. A few CMSs do send them out automatically, but they are tiddlers too. Most require work.

Almost nobody knows of the existence of this place and fewer know that longer posts (and social?) can receive webmentions. Nowhere have I seen webmentions advertised on 10c. So it is hardly surprising that you have not received any.

if you can get the same classes on both it could simplify matters. Depends too on what you show, like h-card stuff associated with webmentions.