I'd like to be here more often, but I honestly don't have anything to say here yet that I can't say to better effect elsewhere. Classic example of the network effect.

Also, I tend not to think in terms of the browser for conversations.

Question: Should blog and podcast publications auto-create a Blurb, too?

Optionally, with a default of one or the other.

Hey, , and -- welcome aboard

Stars and pins are not the same. Pins will come in different colours and allow people to sort various posts into different types. Red = funny, yellow = interesting, etc. Stars are general. Reblurbs (?) work just like most reposts/retweets.

Exciting. Very much like this idea and, I hope, if it isn't dead, eventually being able to link Flattr automatically to stars.

Unfortunately ten.social is already gone -_-

How about 10C.social?

Hey, , have you figured out how to thread things over here?

If I mention by name, I expect he'll see this and know that I finally found the time. I wonder what else this can do?

Very cool. I confess, I'm not yet seeing how to reply to a specific blurb. But the idea of having something like an ADN environment here -- which the ability to drop images and audio files seems to imply, is very attractive.

Get ready, world. This thing is about to happen