All very true.


Lord no. I come here to escape things like Mendeley. So much promise gone so wrong. Or at least, it had last time I tried to use it seriously.


OK, what's all this talk about 10Cinside? I missed the original discussion. Is it something that will prevent me missing discussions in the future? It is a standalone app?


Excellent. I hope you enjoy it.

It's all relative.


Only six downloads? I may as well pack up and go home.

Got to be fake. Unless that is a really dense stone on the right.

Nope, it went very well. Although "Send Blurb" did not, apparently, send a blurb. I'm knackered; the newsletter and Tweets can wait until tomorrow.

This might end badly -- uploading a new podcast.

I confess, right now my next gizmo thoughts are leaning more towards a Kindle Voyager than anything else. Although I could of course do a lot of reading on an iPad. Ah well. No decision likely for another month at least.