@height8 Yeah. I saw that. Not tempted. Now, my old TRS-100 with easy file transfer, I'd jump at. There are those Neo things that I've half looked at. The hipsterwriter says it has an e-ink screen, which is very interesting.

That's good, right?

Is Swedish pea soup different from Dutch pea soup, which is (or can be) sublime.

Here too? I was saying the same over at ADN.

I just changed my password here, and got a message that the passwords don't match. This despite the fact that they do match, and that the password was correctly changed. You might want to look into that. Not sure whether others can replicate the error.

@10centuries If you're going to have Nozomi looking sad for PBs, then the least you can do is have a happy Nozomi for Blurbs with a high degree of engagement.

I think that's a rose-tinted memory. Today's offerings from, say, Pixar are much better than old Disney stuff.

Good things come to those who wait.

Mornin' blurbisti. Trying to make a habit of checking in here, but it is tricky that there isn't a stream marker. Or, if there is, I haven't found it yet.

I think techcentric rolls off the tongue more easily.