Although I won’t be able to benefit from whatever, I can’t afford to upgrade my 6+ either. Ah well, so be it.


There is a time and a place for everything, even that.


Ah. Thought it was me. No problem.

Volunteers are always the best. They pick the perfect place.

So do I, although I am not very good at keeping it alive.

Did much the same. A giant trough for the sunflowers and a bag of soil.

Plus, I snuck in a Hidcote lavender the The Main Squeeze has not yet noticed.

Can’t seem to upload photos from Macchiato. Upload failed because the data is in the wrong format.

Not nearly enough of our plants are good to eat, though there are some. Herbs, of course. Also tomatoes, which is a bit absurd seeing as how good the ones in the market are. Also lemon, lime and makrut. Sorrel. Grapevine that didn’t do anything last year. And some small chilli seedlings.

We have had a cool, wet spring. Great for most of the plants, not so much for everything else.

Second sunny day in a row. No good can come of this.