And …? I mean, is there more to this than you doing a bit of division?

Cool. BTW I do appreciate all the work you and put into the apps for us. I still prefer Macchiato to for almost everything. is great, and very powerful, but it isn’t simple precisely because it is so full featured. Why would I want to add meta? What’s the cloud with an arrow for? Is that how I add a photo?

What’s the crossed out eyeball next to the time stamp about?


It’s ok, but I don’t know what the icons are supposed to do. A highlighter? Which then doesn’t load anything and it’s my fault?


I think you should tell them what this place is and get rid of the coming soon icons. Those could be part of a brief text explanation. I bet lots of people don’t even get the difference between social and blog post.


In other news, why can’t I see photos in Macchiato. I’d show you a screenshot but I can’t upload either.

That’s pretty cool.

I’m impressed.


very pretty.