I just bought Take Control of Shortcuts today because it is on a discount all week, even though editing on a phone is a pain. The couple of things I have built myself are very handy.



Sorry to hear that.


Thanks for the clue. In the end, the trim needed to go onto the final element of the array immediately after the explode, rather than before the implode.

Now to turn the whole sorry mess into a function. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.


I didn’t know trim() did new lines. I’ll try that before str_replace()


OK, I give up, if you're not going to respect my formatting …

Let's just say that for the last element, the string consists of each element on a separate line, in the terminal. While for the penultimate element, they are as I expect, a single line.


That the weird part. In the terminal it looks like


The same implode on the penultimate element looks like


Good sleuthing.

I, in the meantime, am having trouble figuring out why implode() includes the CR/LF on the final element and how to stop it doing that.


Absolutely. If it is inclusive and does not affect decisions of care, no issue.

As you say, probably trash.



It isn’t perfect, but it is better than visiting every site every day.


I would be lost without RSS or some other flavour of feed.