So I have heard.


bearable, just about, but of course it stung. It could have been a lot worse. I have heard of people being fined 800.

I don’t know either.


I know. There was simply no arguing with them, and at least I can afford to pay, even if it does hurt.

In the past I did quite lengthy ones. To catch up, I'm not sure.

Still at it, to my own surprise: Monthly report: April 2020 []

Every springtime I scour the terrace looking for places to insert two strong bolts a suitable distance apart, and every spring I fail. Still, they say the park will open on Monday and there are plenty of suitable trees.

streets choked with motor vehicles, each containing one person. People feeding themselves crap because it is quicker.

In some respects I hope it never returns to the way it was before. But restrictions on movement end on 4 May, with phased opening of public spaces and shops after that. I thinks masks and distancing remain in force.