Are you aiming to buy it, or just playing.

Well, and I are curious about which Sony camera you are using.

We have exactly the opposite problem. Clearly this would call for a spouse swap, if this were a different social platform.

It syncs via the phone or a dongle to the cloud. I believe one can access raw data , certainly there are app's that can, but I have not tried. I like it because it uses a hearing aid battery so I don't have to remember to charge it.

I think I also read about some format for these sorts of data that is becoming an exchange standard of sorts.

The Main Squeeze would take a lot of persuading to be anywhere else. Brissle and Oxford are possibles, but almost as expensive. I rather fancy Faversham or Whitstable. We shall see.

I have a one-bed apartment in London, in a block with only nine units. Discovered a couple of days ago that one of them is for sale. So I checked the agent's details.

After I picked myself off the floor at the price, which is over 0.5 million Gbp, for one bedroom, I started to think. If we could scrape the cash together it would be very cool to have one flat to live in and another to work in, and there would be one studio each.

So, first order of business when I get back is to see whether we could scrape the cash together for a large deposit.

Fun idea, all round.

Not a Fitbit specifically, a Garmin Vivofit. It counts steps and move to during sleep and tells me when I have not taken enough steps in the past hour, like now. Things like calories and distance are estimated.

Ignore me. I wasn't thinking about the pre and code cases.

is it not simple enough to say that Octothorp followed by any non punctuation is a hashtag until the next space or punctuation. If people are stupid enough to swear like this >%$^# then they deserve to create non- hashtag hashtags.

major kudos for taking a nap.