Nothin' much. Just h
Singing out, chatting.

Surely lawyers for the defence would have access to any videos in full, including those that might exonerate you.

A good reason for invading the privacy of his phone. ?

But having found your post, they will be potential clients.

Just doing a Jason-style self deprecatory thing.

Now you need to make it a premium plugin and derive an income stream. At the very least write a post naming it and the problems, so that when people are tearing their hair out and searching for solutions they'll find you and you can offer them the same service.

I have absolutely no context for this, but I do know that triticale is a hybrid of wheat (Tritcum) and rye (Secale).
// @height8

It will end my cross posts but people will probably be relieved.

Cue the old joke about "how does it know?"

So did you rewrite the plugin or just explain to the client?