Listening a
Bit, and sleeping.

I am SO behind.

Sad indeed. I can't even remember whether what we did with mix tapes was legal. Probably not.

I don't think even short clips and a bed would be strictly legal.


I may be missing something simple, because I can't find a way to interact with blurbs in conversation view. Sometimes, when catching up, I prefer to read a conversation, but then I find I can't reply. So I can't say that I like the idea of the mixtape show, a bit like Desert Island Discs, but it would be horribly difficult to get permission to use the music. It would be awesome though if you could create a YouTube playlist for each episode.

I love camellias. Not sure why we don't have one. May need to rectify that when I get home and start working on the terrace for spring.

Another unite tiring day, and very glad I decided to abandon the eclipse as the cloud cover was total.

Tonight's dilemma: sleep late, and miss a near total eclipse of the sun tomorrow early, or set the alarm, or see when I wake up and play it by ear? I don't actually have anything with which to view directly. Unless I can use my little folding monocular to throw an image onto a bit of paper.

Makes them feel important.

Nothing one good night's sleep won't fix. Also eating too much and walking too little.