@matigo Got to be fake. Unless that is a really dense stone on the right.

Nope, it went very well. Although "Send Blurb" did not, apparently, send a blurb. I'm knackered; the newsletter and Tweets can wait until tomorrow.

This might end badly — uploading a new podcast.

@height8 I confess, right now my next gizmo thoughts are leaning more towards a Kindle Voyager than anything else. Although I could of course do a lot of reading on an iPad. Ah well. No decision likely for another month at least.

@height8 For pure writing, no coding, no image manipulation, no internet, a Neo or this thing would do. I'd really like something like an iPad with a bluetooth-enabled clackety keyboard. We've had this discussion in lots of places, and as long as I have my little MBA, I'm unlikely to do anything about that.

@height8 Yeah. I saw that. Not tempted. Now, my old TRS-100 with easy file transfer, I'd jump at. There are those Neo things that I've half looked at. The hipsterwriter says it has an e-ink screen, which is very interesting.

@matigo That's good, right?

@streakmachine Is Swedish pea soup different from Dutch pea soup, which is (or can be) sublime.

@sumudu Here too? I was saying the same over at ADN.

@matigo I just changed my password here, and got a message that the passwords don't match. This despite the fact that they do match, and that the password was correctly changed. You might want to look into that. Not sure whether others can replicate the error.