What shape? The only ones I find make an appreciable difference to my pleasure are my cut crystal whisky tumblers.

And a fine plant it is too, as I recall. Isn't that the one with hairy red thorns? Anyway, that reminds me of the old London Underground joke:

Is this Cockfosters?

You can imagine the rest.

Then I guess you're SOUL.

Quicvk. Pick up the phone and say "Did you get my email?" Guaranteed to piss everyone off.

Why is today's podcast proving so hard to mix? (Rhetorical question. No answers required. Just blowing off steam.)

Yes. I'm not sure I have any ideas that would lead me to this, but I am sure it will be a boon for many other people. You included.

Did you see the announcement that Toonz is going free and open source [cartoonbrew.com]?

New Post: Consequences and Skeletons [ddp.10centuries.org]

That's worse, and it is even possible that the silly hours etc has been a contributory factor.

I'll just wish you Get Well Soon.


Sorry to hear it. Don't bosses there accept a certificate from the doctor?