@height8 Had to slip[ back to the browser to share the folder because I am too lazy to launch 1password. Thanks for the update.

@height8 I know nothing about what you're doing, sticking a browser in an app, so maybe it isn't worthwhile.

// @matigo

@height8 Excellent; here I am. Funny that it doesn't work with 1Password, so I had to go to the enromous trouble of copying and pasting my password.

// @matigo

@height8 That sounds like fun. I may give it a try. Presumably it doesn't (yet) do anything 10C itself does not do, but will keep up with future enhancements.

// @matigo @jextxadore

@indigo All very true.

// @matigo @streakmachine

@jextxadore Lord no. I come here to escape things like Mendeley. So much promise gone so wrong. Or at least, it had last time I tried to use it seriously.

// @height8

@height8 OK, what's all this talk about 10Cinside? I missed the original discussion. Is it something that will prevent me missing discussions in the future? It is a standalone app?

// @matigo @jextxadore

@hazardwarning Excellent. I hope you enjoy it.

@indigo It's all relative.

// @matigo

Only six downloads? I may as well pack up and go home.