Hey, ! Here's some ammunition for you: The web on my phone [adactio.com]

A couple of weeks ago I had to buy extra storage on the road, and found a 32GB usb stick for under $20, kingston branded, though could have been fake. I am pretty tempted to add an outboard SSD to my iMac as the boot disc, but then I think I should just save my pennies for when it needs to be replaced.

This [goodstuff.fm] could be fun.

I’ve got a plan for the next batch of SMYM episodes and I need your help! Hear how you can help or just sign up at the link below and get the email in April.

Good to hear.

I've been studying that Radiotopia Podquest thing and vacillating like crazy whether to pitch. I think the chicken thing would be finite, and they're not looking for that. But there's currently nothing in their line-up about food. I'm just not at all sure how to think about it. They are SO wedded to storytelling, and that can be SO difficult. But it is definitely something I'm thinking hard about.


New Post: Moving my minicasts [ddp.10centuries.org]

New Post: This is a phone test [ddp.10centuries.org]

Well, that wasn't too difficult (for me). Thanks to 's generosity and expertise, all my mini-podcasts have now been moved here from ADN, freeing up some of my storage space there. Now all I need to do is figure out how to post an audio file from my phone to here so I can pester all of you.