Oh pshaw. I had read about brewing at lower temperatures, and whn I got my Aeropress decided to use a little digital thermometer and be a human thermostat. But the kettle was leaking anyway; I had repaired it once with Sugru and that slowly deteriorated. It had reached the point where it leaked all over the counter, and rather than doa whole new Sugru, I bought a new one.

Moral: make your kettle leak first.


What is the benefit of heat and cool?

That reminds me. We needed a new kettle, and so I sprang for one with a thermostat, and it makes a huge difference. 80C green tea is so much tastier. I only ever bothered with temperature for Aeropress, but now I'm learning the best temp for a variety of different beverages, and that's part of the fun.

Sounds like a truly great opportunity.


Indeed it would. Although I've not so far been tempted to try

I prefer mostly oil and a bit of vinegar with quite a lot of coarse Dijon-style mustard.

Mayo or vinaigrette?

I am. And once again, I can report that Turkish Airlines dinner was excellent and breakfast terrible,

If I were smarter and had more time at my disposal, that would make a good Workflow to cut my teeth on.


I cannot remember a two-week period in my life when I have walked as little as in the past two weeks. So, obviously, I think I'll go out for an evening walk.