@10centuries If you're going to have Nozomi looking sad for PBs, then the least you can do is have a happy Nozomi for Blurbs with a high degree of engagement.

@streakmachine I think that's a rose-tinted memory. Today's offerings from, say, Pixar are much better than old Disney stuff.

@matigo Good things come to those who wait.

Mornin' blurbisti. Trying to make a habit of checking in here, but it is tricky that there isn't a stream marker. Or, if there is, I haven't found it yet.

@matigo I think techcentric rolls off the tongue more easily.

@matigo I'll get in an early Goodnight.

@matigo Really? I didn't know that, and I am very excited buy the prospect. I wouldn't say I was a champion, though, unless you mean bangs on about it but is too darn stupid and lazy to do anything about it except parasitise the work of others.

// @bazbt3 @sumudu

@sumudu It is the bit about "better connected" that needs work. For example, from my Known account, I can reply to a tweet, without posting the tweet directly myself. That way, when Twitter dies, I'll still have a copy of my tweets. A trivial example, I know.

// @matigo

@bazbt3 No, I'm not competent to do that. That's one reason I have been playing around with Known. Eventually, it might be interesting (for Jason, or a collaborator) to thing about implementing some aspects of IndieWeb and POSSE.

// @matigo @sumudu

@phoneboy What's stopping you?