@sumudu Uh-oh. 10C failing to pick up image orientation.

@sumudu Have you looked into the requirements of IndieWeb? There is quite a lot going on behind the scenes, with security certificates, endpoints, things I don't really understand, that enable your site to be able to respond to things happening on other sites, and for them to know about it. The instructions are good, but I didn't feel up to working through it all, especially setting up the hot server.

// @matigo

@matigo That would be one example, but also more generally. I use Known because it relieved me of the duty to make it work myself, but there's more to it than that.

Good to see you. What I'd really like, obviously, is for someone to figure out how to make these here blurbs play nicely with IndieWeb mentions.

Surfacing here for a brief instant. For some reason, I seem to need apps to do social more effectively. I have a habit of shutting down all the tabs in my browser when I think I've finished something, and then I'm way too lazy to open this place again when I have something to get off my chest.

I'd like to be here more often, but I honestly don't have anything to say here yet that I can't say to better effect elsewhere. Classic example of the network effect.

Also, I tend not to think in terms of the browser for conversations.

Question: Should blog and podcast publications auto-create a Blurb, too?

Optionally, with a default of one or the other.

Hey, @blumenkraft, @phoneboy and @tomas — welcome aboard

Stars and pins are not the same. Pins will come in different colours and allow people to sort various posts into different types. Red = funny, yellow = interesting, etc. Stars are general. Reblurbs (?) work just like most reposts/retweets.

Exciting. Very much like this idea and, I hope, if it isn't dead, eventually being able to link Flattr automatically to stars.